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A common question is that what is a dash cam? Dashboard camera or otherwise called dash cam is a camera devise installed on the windscreen or dashboard of a car which records the front view of the car during a drive. This Garmin 35 Dash Cam footage can be used as a video evidence in case of any road accident or an impact for insurance companies or courts. This product is becoming more important in countries like United States and United Kingdom where insurance companies operates actively. Here we review and pick the best-selling dash cameras currently available to in the market.

This guide can help beginners to make an informed decision for the value of money they want to spend on these products. There are many brands today that manufacture best dash cams each with their own specialty and specification to add more variety to this already soaring market. Dash cam comes in range of prices so that everyone can buy these camera according to their budget. Hence, you can easily find an array of cameras ranging from most dedicated dash cameras in the market which may be top-of-the-line products of the market to mid-range dash cams for the consumers who cannot afford to buy expensive top rated dash cams.

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Our comprehensive review can help prospective consumers from the loads to decide on best dash cams of 2021 which suits their needs and pocket providing options ranging from best budget dash cams to more sophisticated options choose from.

Our top pick from this list of 12 dash cam are WheelWitness HD PRO available under 130$ and Z-Edge Z3 Plus which is also available under 130$. WheelWitness comes with 16-GB microSD card whereas Z-Edge comes with 32-GB MicroSD card. Both cams resolution giving clear video and picture quality and there features makes it a worth investment, Recommended by our Editor’s.


Best Dash Cam 2021 Comparison Table

Dash CamAvailable InReliabilityCustomer RatingCheck Price
WheelWitness PRO Cam
Editor's Choice
USAGreat100/100 Check Price
Zero Edge Plus
Editor's Choice
USAGreat90/100 Check Price
Nextbase 512GWUKGood100/100 Check Price
FalconZero F170USAGood85/100 Check Price
FalconZero Touch PROUSAGreat100/100 Check Price
YI 2.7 CamUSAGood90/100 Check Price
BlackVue DR500GWUSAGood80/100 Check Price
Garmin 35USAGreat90/100 Check Price
Kdlinks DX2USAGood90/100 Check Price
Mio MiVue 618UKGreat95/100 Check Price
Mobius Action CameraUSAGreat85/100 Check Price
ThinkWare X500DUSAGood70/100 Check Price

Featured Dash Cam Reviews 2021

Without further ado let’s get into the best dash cam review 2021

1)WheelWitness HD PRO – Best Budget

best budget dash cams WheelWitness HD PRO

When you are on the road, you come across several unexpected events. It can be an eye catching view, an interesting happening or an accident. Many travelers regret that they could not capture what their eyes witnessed before them. If you are a regular traveler and want the world around you to enjoy the beauties you came across then it is time to install a dash cam. There are several best selling dash cams available on the market that is worth buying for the money. While going out to buy the most dedicated dash cam, the consumers can come across mid rang dash cams, long range cams and short range cams. According to survey, 60% of people search best dash cam under 100$ while 25% search good dash cams under 150$ and rest buyers are willing to invest 200$ or more for getting the dash cam of their choice. Before deciding for the final purchase, it is important to think for the resolution of the dashboard car camera too. In case of an accident you can claim the damages from the insurance companies on the basis of the dash cam footage and captured video. There are many dash cams on the market that can storage thousands of videos, either in internal memory or microSD cards. The latest cams can easily record videos of considerable length and at the same time can save the data too.

One of the top dash cams available in the market is manufactured by WheelWitness with the title WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS. The WheelWitness HD Pro hit the markets in late 2014. It is a top competitor of other mid range cams like Cobra CDR 840 and Falcon Zero F170. The cam is considered unique in its features because of “Super HD” recording resolution of 2304×1296 or 1296p. The images recorded are crystal clear and have all required details associated with the image.

WheelWitness has made it really easy to keep track of your driving experience. It’s not a big deal to have certain weak points associated with it as it happens with even the perfect machines. The rest is fine and satisfying as claimed by several users. The SD card increases the storage space and provides the opportunity to record maximum visuals. With the help of the perfect picture quality it becomes easier to get any information if required. The overall performance is proved through the Amazon rating that is 4.3 out of 5. Installing this camera in your vehicle can be extremely helpful for the beginners on the road, who can witness their faults and then overcome them easily.
  • High quality imaging
  • Outclass lens
  • Longer lasting hardware
  • Fitted with the motion detector
  • Screen saver function to save power.
  • Not very accurate GPS
  • Too big for the front
  • Suction pump breaks very frequently
  • No battery indicator

2)Z-EDGE Z3 Plus Dash Cam – Best Selling

Zero Edge Z3 Plus dash cam reviews

Zero edge z3 dash cam is a popular dash camera introduced in 2016 by an American company known as Zero Edge Technology. Z-Edge Z3 plus is upgraded version of Z-Edgde Cam. That was voted as one of the best cameras for the year 2016 by the wirecutter. Z3 Plus camera offers various options video recording modes which allows users to record video to different choices including 280×720, 1920×1080, 2560×1080 or 2304×1296. However, there are cameras in the market which falls in the same price range as Zero edge z3 but comes with much better video quality. Apart from video recording, this in car camera also provides also provides users with the option of taking pictures with a photo resolution of up to 13 Megapixils.

This camera also comes with few modern specifications including motion, jolt or vibration detection with G-sensor, automatic on/off button connected to car’s on/off system which is compatible with most of the cars’ models, its automatic display on and off system helps energy saving. It also possesses an energy saving LCD screen off timer. This device was one of the best dash cam 2021 which supports up to 64 GB MicroSD cards which can help extending its storage capacity as desired by its users. However, it comes with a 32 GB Kingston SD card in its collection of accessories. This camera also comes with a suction mount which securely holds the camera on the windscreen of the car.

According to z-edge z3 plus dash cam reviews some consumers complain about the audio quality of the recorded video to muffles. However, as the purpose of these dash cams is a record on board video, audio quality may not be a serious matter of concern. Another issue reported for this camera is that it has a short battery life. z-edge z3 plus comes with a rechargeable battery which is report to not hold the charge for very long. However, this will only be a matter of concern when the car is switched off. When the car is running, the camera gets its power from the car via its charging cable. Although it is a decent camera to do its job, it is not very discreet and it also has an inferior video quality compared to other cameras commercially available in the same price. To summarize, this may not be the best dash cam for a car, however, it is a decent camera which can meet your dash cam needs appropriately.

If you are in search of a decent dash camera which is expected to do its very basic job of recording video and audio while you are driving this might be a good product for you. However, this one is not embellished with a number of ancillary features like parking monitor but it is good at what it does and is a recommended product.
  • G-Sensor.
  • Energy saving LCD screen off timer.
  • 64 GB MicroSD cards.
  • Audio quality of the recorded video to muffles
  • Short battery life
  • Inferior video quality

3) Nextbase 512GW – Best Dashboard Cam 2021 UK

Best Dashboard Cam 2018 UK

Nextbase 512G has come out as one of the best addition to the repertoire of Nextbase dash cams. It has all the technological features that any top of the range camcorder has. One of the most distinguishing features of the camera that this is first dash cam that comes with anti-glare polarization filter which prevents the reflection on the windscreen to interfere with a picture of video quality and hence providing best footage in a scorching sun. Unlike most of the dash cams available, nextbase 512g dash cam comes with a wide 2.7” LED screen. Apart from this, this camera is capable of performing 1080p full high definition video recording making its very purpose of much better quality than other nextbase dash cams. Its wide dynamic range makes it convenient to even capture minute details including the details of the number plate of the front car making it one of the most appropriate cameras for car driving purposes. All the recorded videos can be played back on the software that is provided in the accessories. Taken together as an overall package, nextbase 512g is one of the best dash cameras, however, it does not come with the best price which is an offset to its stellar specifications.

According to the user’s nextbase 512g reviews buttons of this device are big enough but does not explicitly states what they do and hence it is helpful and easy to understand manual makes this job easier for users. Another useful feature of this device is that it comes with an internal battery which can last from 5-10 minutes. This backup power supply is not intended for video recording but to save and recorded clip before the camera’s power exhausts. Another sensible feature of this camera is that overwrites the oldest footage first and this means that it won’t lose the latest data easily. Apart from this, it is also Mac compatible which is a feature rare in dash cameras.

A major drawback for this camera is that it does not come with the facility of Wi-fi while much other high-end products possess this feature it puts Nextbase 512g at a major setback. Nextbase 512g hardware kit allows mounting this device on your screen or dashboard securely however some users complain that it is difficult to dismount it. However, this camera does not come with an SD card which means that users with have to spend extra bucks to extend the storage capacity of this camera. Although it’s large 2.7 inches screen provide a widescreen visual experience, it makes this device bulkier and may not be easy to hide it behind the rearview camera which can ultimately result in blocking some view of the driver. Apart from all this, some users feel that this product is overpriced and costs more than a standard dash camera offering similar features. If true, this means that those shopping on a budget may not consider this an option.

Taken together as an overall package, next base 512g is one of the best dash cameras, however, it does not come with the best price which is an offset to its stellar specifications. With the price of hundred pounds, a potential customer would expect way more features than this product offers which can include an SD card. However, if you can afford to buy this camera at this price, it is by no means a bad choice, however, there are other products with similar choice and better features like Asus Reco Classic. Not only this but keep in mind that all the Nextbase cameras are among the approved list of cameras for discounts on the insurer’s policies and hence purchasing this brand can help you save bucks which Asus may not be able to do.
  • Big review buttons
  • Easy to understand manual
  • 5-10min lasting internal memory
  • Overwrites oldest files first
  • No Wi-fi facility
  • No SD card included in accessories
  • Bulky in size to hide behind rearview camera
  • Expensive

4) Falcon Zero F170HD – Best Under 100

Dash Cam Reviews

Regardless of your driving skills, you cannot ignore the fact that you can face any major or minor accident in your life. These accidents often happen because of the mistake of the driver in the other vehicle. To prove your claim and strengthen your stance you will need video evidence. It was a difficult task to accomplish until action camera technology was added to the cars through best dash cams made by top rated dash cam brands. With the help of the best budget dash cam you can record all the information you need while driving. A dash cam is like small memory book that records the details of your drive in an electronic manner.

If we talk about the top dash cam then there is no chance to ignore the Falcon Zero F170HD dash cam. It is fitted with high quality lens that focuses well and renders high image quality. With unique features it seems to have a great price. The user has the advantage of capturing a huge pictorial collection because of the microSD. This car cam does not take much time to start. The camera starts operating as soon as the car starts. There is no need to worry about the night time videos as the cam works well even in the darkest nights. This dash cam is a compact way of getting the view of all that lies ahead of you and behind you. The crispness and the quality of the images are worth praising.

Although there are certain unhappy customers on the list but still there is no blinking the fact that it works astoundingly in all kinds of travelling conditions. For those seeking a complete driving record this dash cam is a real change maker. It works fabulously in all kinds of vehicles. In some cases it has proved itself as a splurge, still once in the car you can’t stop yourself from recommending it to other people around you. The overall performance has left behind satisfied customers who have praised the worth of buying this great dash cam for their respective vehicles. It can be easily placed in the front and the rear of the vehicle.
  • Perfect dash board with outclass features
  • Excellent piece of technology
  • Renders clear and high quality picture
  • Wide angle lens for perfect recording
  • Reliable customer support service and warranty
  • Expensive than many similar dash cams
  • Limited software compatibility
  • Limited instructions in the manual
  • Complicated touch screen

5) Falcon Zero Touch PRO – Top Rated Dashboard Camera

Dash Cam Reviews 2018

Once the traffic is on the road it has to be protected and secure itself and for others too. No matter what kind of vehicles you use, whether it is a car, a van or a truck it must be fully equipped with the necessary installations. In today’s world when technology has become an essential part of our daily life it has not spared the vehicles also. It is used in all kinds of vehicles to ensure complete safety and security of the driver within. Dash cam is one such similar addition in today’s vehicles. Also, I must say purchasing best dash cam to buy in 2021 is wise decision because it not just makes you stay in touch with the driving essentials but also helps in keeping track of the automobiles passing by. It snaps the visuals you appreciated while driving. Thus, by using the dash cam and the stored information the driver can have a look of anything related to his journey anytime.

One innovative way of keeping track of the driving record is the latest Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam. It is different from many other dash cams by the same company as it has used the touch screen technology to exploit. It is a worth buying HD Dash camera. Just like the previous models by the Falcon, it has outclassed several cams of its king that are available on the market. 2 docking stations allows to use for multiple vehicles, 4″ touch screen, 24/7 surveillance powered by Intelli-Batt Anti Battery Drain Technology and FULL HD 1080 with 1920 x 1080P resolution. The 24/7 availability of the touch screen makes it superior than many other dash cams on the market. This compact dash cam released in 2016 now makes an excellent addition to all kinds of the vehicles. This latest dash cam by Falcon has nothing to disappoint the driver in the car. It has all the satisfying features related to it. It becomes a 24/7 security assurance gadget that is fixed to your car. It comes with the high quality accessories including an 11-inch USB power cable, a 4-inch USB data cable, a 3-port USB car charger, a windshield mount; 3M cord clips, and a 32GB MicroSD card.

If you want an excellent blend of style, technology, reliability and durability then it’s time to get in touch with the excellent option in the shape of the Falcon Zero Touch HD. Due to its comprehensive features it has become a really outclass dashcam. The 24/7 security system makes it further unique. Although there are certain cons associated with it yet it has outclassed the other products by the Falcon Zero. It is amazing to use in all its respects. Thus, the users who have experienced using it consider it worth buying.
  • 24/7 Security
  • Sleek Design for Discreet Placement
  • Easy to Install
  • High-Quality Recording
  • Touchscreen is Difficult to Use in Certain Conditions
  • Difficult to zoom in
  • The format option placement seems inappropriate.

6) YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD Cam – Best budget

YI 2.7" Screen Full HD Cam

Who would not like to get the details of the driving expedition? It gives immense satisfaction at the end of the trip to see that how safely you drove, what was your speed, and what you came across. If you desire to have an outstanding visual record of your drive it’s time to get a best dash cam that gives an excellent set of photos and footage. If the lens can zoom well and the cam comes with the G-sensors and rechargeable batteries, then don’t give a second thought and go for the dashboard cam. It is not necessary that all quality features come in high priced dash cams; these come in many cheap cameras too. It would be great to have extra dash cam batteries along with your dash cam. If the cam has proper dimensions then it can be used in any direction in the car. If you want the cam to work even when the car is parked then it would be a blessing indeed. Today many cars have the ability to record the temperature and are fitted with high quality capacitor too.

One of the top rated and quality feature dash cams in current times is the gold colored YI Smart Dash Camera. It is acclaimed for its high quality functions and the reliable built. Thus, it can be an excellent opportunity to keep your car protected in an affordable manner. It is fitted with the most updated Advanced Driver Assistance System ADAS, which is used to keep track of the speed, distance and other vitals while traveling. It also has an emergency signaling system to tell the driver that either he is drifting away from the track, or is going in a wrong lane or is coming closer to the vehicle.

This eye catching golden dash cam by YI is becoming popular in the market day by day. It is not merely the appearance but also the functioning that makes this dash cam a treat for all the drivers. Whether it is the side view or the front or back imaging the wide focus makes it possible to get a closer look of all of these in a clear and crisp manner. Keeping in view the exceptional features makes the user ignore the brief list of cons related to it.
  • Budget friendly dash cam with a reasonable price
  • Gives high quality videos
  • Easy to install in least time
  • Can be connected to other devices via Wi-Fi
  • Lacks focusing feature
  • Mount bracket found missing by some users
  • Difficult to follow instruction manual
  • Battery gets overheated

7) BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW –  Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW is often considered as a wifi dash camera become this product was one of the first innovation to introduce wifi in automobile dashboard cameras. Hence, while now there are many car camera recorders with the feature of wifi connectivity, this was first introduced by BlackVue. One important feature of this camera is that it is iOS and windows compatible. Few of its canonical features include High-definition video recording (1080p), G-sensor and GPS tracking system which is to be found in most of the dash cameras available in the market today. While some of the latest dash cameras have the issue of getting overheated, DR500GW is known to have no overheating problems reported at all.

It is known to have a very sharp video recording quality be it day or night. Come with latest features of G-sensor and parking mode which are operated by motion sensors. As stated, this is blackvue dash cam which allows to connectivity to social media and a lot more. Standard GPS which allows the driver to easily determine the location and speed of the vehicle. In addition to all of this, this unit does not have any complaint of getting overheated which is one of the most common problems faced by dash camera users which makes it standout. The qualities of Blackvue 490 Dash Cam Review 2021 & BlackVue DR500GW Dash Cam 2021 are the same but BlackVue DR500GW Dash Cam 2021 is more quicker.

According to the BlackVue DR500GW Dash Cam reviews, this camera has some characteristics which make it fall back from few of the latest cameras available today. While most of the current automobile dashboard cameras come with a wide horizontal angle of 140 degrees, this one comes with only 123 degrees hence retaining the horizontal recording to a limited canvas. In addition, its wifi connectivity has a limited range which may restrain its connectivity to other portable devices only to a certain spatial limit. It also has a limited range of movement which is restricted to vertical rotation only. It further does not possess a button for G-sensor sensitivity or parking mode which is a common characteristic of most of the modern dash cams available out there. In addition to all this, while most of the dash cam brands are trying to make their products compact and small in size in order to not block the view of the driver, this one is a large build and also heavy too which putts some of its users off.

Blackvue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for dash cameras for their cars and who usually commute in day light. Quite easy to use and equipped with most of the modern technological features like G-sensor and GPS it’s worth every penny spend on it.
  • Sharp video recording
  • G-Sensor
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • No complaints of overheating
  • Only 123 degree wide horizontal angle
  • Wi-fi has a limited range
  • No button for G-Sensor or parking mode

8)Garmin Dash Cam 35 – Cheap (Affordable) Dashboard Cam

Garmin Dash Cam 35

Garmin Dash Cam 35 is one of the simplest car video cameras which is easy to use and compact. It is a high definition camera with comes with an option of 720p, 1080 or WVGA. With its 2.3 inches, LCD display and integrated with built-in microphone allows you to record the sounds in the cabin of the vehicle. The Dash Cam 35 mounts to the windscreen by a pressure-fit ball joint. While it takes an immense amount of mechanical force to attach this camera’s suction cap to the screen, but attached one needs not to worry about it coming off this car video camera from the screen. Its excellent high definition video recording quality, easy to dismount feature using a suction cup mount and easy to videos makes is one of the high-end product currently available in the market.

According to some of the Garmin Dash Cam 35 reviews, its users complain about the 4 GB microSD card that is included in the bundle. This is a limited amount of memory to be offered for a dash cam by Garmin as this device is known to support 32 GB memory card, adding more memory would have been better for its users who will have to spend more on purchasing a larger microSD card. Apart from this, another important drawback of this camera is that it has a limited 90-degree field of view. Although this can help alleviate the fish-eye distortion which is a common problem with most of the other dash cameras, it fails to capture most of the side wipes view defying most the purpose of a dash cam. Users also complain about the typical Garmin manual which is often vague and not easy to understand which makes it less interactive for the user to understand the Garmin dash cam 20 software and the functioning of this camera. In addition, the camera cannot be rotated while video recording which means that camera has to be mounted in a hanging down position. Apart from this, any video file that is locked will not be shown on a computer when the camera is connected to the computer.

The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is a not at all a cheap device for something so focused, however, it is totally capable of capturing good quality recordings which can be a decent evidence for your insurance claims. Hence, this is a decent and single task device which does its work with quite a satisfaction.
  • High definition video recording
  • Easy to dismount
  • Only 4 GB microSD card is included
  • Limited 90-degree field of view
  • User manual is vague and not easy to understand

9) Kdlinks DX2 Dashboard Camera – Best For The Money

best dash cam

There is no need to buy the expensive cam to enjoy maximum driving memories and records. The Camera Reviews reveal that the best dash cam can be bought in an economical rate too. When being a driver your major concern is vehicle safety and your personal safety then it is important to opt for tracking the entire journey. The driving habits are well understood when you are actually on the road. Now it is possible to capture the entire detail of the journey and the traffic density around you. This is possible because of the most updated dash cams that can be mounted in the car to have a front, rear and the side images and videos.

KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD dashboard camera is an excellent addition to the storehouse of the dash cams available on the market. All driving details are safely recorded by the virtue of the 8 GB SD card that comes along with it. Once you unpack it, the secrets start revealing one after the other and then it becomes your driving partner for a long time. The camera is built in such a way that it ensures high resolution videos when captured 1920 x 1080p at 30 fps. The time of the day and the light exposure are of minimal importance as it is added with the high technology features that work to their maximum in all conditions. The superior quality lens is also one reason behind this high quality imaging. The rider feels safe as the continuously operating inbuilt GPS is useful in locating your location and where you are heading to. This also helps in getting the accurate information from the Google maps. The battery is powerful enough to make a recording of more than 6 hours by staying cool and not heating up.

This dashcam comes with very few loopholes. The overall performance is highly praised by the users.
  • Great view angle
  • Fast booting
  • High definition and bright screen
  • Excellent night caption ability
  • Easy setup
  • Operates in computer mode in some situations.
  • Mount does not work in extreme temperatures
  • Lazy start up

10) Mio MiVue 618 – Best In Car Dashboard Cam of 2021

Best In Car Dashboard Cam

Milo MiVue 618 is perhaps known for its price. Despite possessing few of the advanced features and being a small dashboard camera, this camera is one of the best dash cams under the price of 100. Its style and size make it lightweight which is convenient for users as it mounts easily and securely on your dashboard or screen. This camera is best known for its “extreme high definition” video recording and owing to its 2304 pixels camera and latest H.264 technology. Its F1.8 camera lens enables its users to take much clearer and brighter video even in a case of low light. Another distinguishing feature of this camera is that it comes with a speed/safety camera warning alerts which make driver vigilant of his/her own driving speed limit before being caught and him/her alert if where to drive with more caution. This device also comes along with G-sensor, GPS, and its 140-degree wide-angle lens allows it to cover a plenty of scene from your windscreen in order to capture most of the details.

This product comes with advanced features like safety camera alerts which save the drivers from getting into trouble of over speeding or breaking traffic rules. Its GPS technology is known to work great along with its exceptional 1080 pixel high definition video recording quality under almost all the conditions. Unlike many dash cam, this one comes with a memory card of capacity 8GB. Its compact design makes it ideal to be installed in the car without blocking the view of the driver.

Firstly, its mini USBport is located under the level of the suction mount which makes it difficult to plug in the power cable. Also, it does not come with a movie 618 memory card which adds an extra financial burden on its users. However, this is still considered an important best budget dash cam deal in the collect of automotive dash cameras. In addition, the performance of the internal battery is reported to be poor. Although the parking mode of this camera has been well executed in theory compared to the reality. An important issue with this dash cam is that its users complain about having bugs when on its recorded videos when uploaded on social media. Taken together Mio MiVue 618 reviews, it can be deduced that this is one of the best dashboard camera available. However, there are certain aspects of this small dashboard camera which consumers may not like.

Taken together, MiVue 618 is a stylish and well-designed dash cam which is also quite easy to use. It comes with special features like speed camera warning which is something that most of the dash cams do not offer. Although image quality may not be the best in the town however recorded image captures enough details for evidence if you ever face a collision. Hence, this is a recommended decent dash camera for your car.
  • Safety camera alters
  • GPS technology
  • 1080 pixel HD video recording
  • 8 GB memory card included
  • 618 memory card is not included in accessories
  • Poor battery performance
  • Recorded files often have bugs

11) Mobius Action Camera – Best Dash Cam Reviews

Mobius Action Camera

The Mobius Action Cam is a decent mini camera available in the market. Its size is one of the convenient features of this product. Measuring in size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 3/4″ inches and weighing 1.4 ounces only this device can easily fit into your pocket. This is a multipurpose camera and one of its many features is that it can act as an HD dash camera.

Coming with a Wide Angle C lens Mobius action camera will give you one of the widest fields of view and simultaneously deliver a high definition 1080p quality image which is a characteristic to be found in the devices 5 times its size. Apart from its other uses as a regular camera, this product come with a magnet mount and a car adapter which simply transform it into an efficient dash camera making it a versatile device that can be used to extend it for multiple purposes apart from simple being a dash cam. This camera is known to have an outstanding audio quality at 512 Kbps PCM which is quite surprising characteristic for the device of its size. Apart from its multiple functions, this is also an economic option as it costs 1/3 of the cameras with similar specifications that are available out there. This camera is extremely affordable and offers a great value for just $70 which is within the purchasing power of users shopping on a budget. With its great video quality and straightforward usage, this product is constantly being improved by its manufacturers to add more features to it for a better experience of its users. Due to its compact size and light weight, this camera is very easy to be carried around i.e. can be hanged to a keyring or can easily fit into a pocket. In addition, its audio quality is also very good which is clean and clear to hear.

One of its disadvantages is that according to the Mobius action cam review, this device is reported to have an improved battery life. However, it is still capable of recording only for two hours which makes the use of a power bank mandatory on long drive trips. It is also known to have heating issues. Mobius Action Camera gets really hot after a prolonged video recording. A sunny day dashboard temperature can further execrable the situation leading to a heated device which may even damage it permanently. Hence, this device is not recommended for a prolonged used as a dash camera on long drives or on a hot day. While it has a stellar picture quality during the day time it may not perform that well in low light and hence is not a good option for night time driving recording. Although this camera tends to claim to possess Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which improves its ability to record in low light, there are complaints from its users for its low light recording quality. The video quality of this camera is great in daylight but gets compromised in low light conditions which means there is still a room for improvement of this camera. Strangely there is no display screen which makes this device less user interactive as there is no menu display or means to observe what is being recorded by the camera. Another area where there is a room for improvement is making this device water resistant or providing a case that protects it from the water.

The Mobius is a unique and versatile addition to the repertoire of dash cameras in the market which is capable of acting both a dash camera and an action camera within a reasonable price. While with most of the other dash cameras their bulky sizes increase their risk of theft and hence the slim design of this camera will appeal a lot of customers who are concerned about this issue.
  • Wide Angle C lens
  • HD 1080p quality image
  • Magnet mount
  • Outstanding audio quality at 512 Kbps
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Poor battery life
  • Heating issues
  • Does not do well under low light conditions
  • No display screen

12) ThinkWare X500D – Most Expensive Dash Cam of 2021

ThinkWare X500D

While auto dashboard cameras are not a new product in the market THINKWARE X500D come with a twist in its features which makes this one stand out from the rest of the auto cameras available in the market. Its distinguishing features include its driver assistance tools and its GPS is capable of giving audio and visual road safety warning and red-light or speed cameras. It’s Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) warns the driver when the vehicle strays out of the permitted lane on the road. More importantly, its Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) comes in handy by alerting the driver to maintain a safety distance when it appears to have approached too close to a vehicle on the front. Similarly, its Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) alerts the driver when a vehicle ahead starts to move in the forward direction.

Apart from these advanced technological features, its 1920 by 1080p full High definition front and rear cameras makes its video quality unbeatable for recording your memories on an adventure journey or in a case of any unforeseen accident as-as an evidence for insurance companies or legal proceedings. Furthermore, its night time picture quality correction makes it a choice for recordings in low light conditions. Its 2.4 million pixel HD SONY Exmor CMOS image sensor has drastically improved its image quality not only for light but also for night time images. This makes it an ideal choice as a dash camera for truckers who mostly tend to drive at night on long routes on highways.

In addition to its sensors and HD cameras, x500 possess a high-performance Central Processing Unit; AMBARELLA A7. This makes its performance tantamount to most of the high specification sports cameras which require a smart performance for their best results. In light of all these features, thinkware x500 bundle is one of the best deals available in the market with most advanced features that you would require for the modern day driving experience.

According to Thinkware x500 dash cam reviews, Thinkware Dash Cam X500 is sold out at the price of for $279 in the United states and £199 in the United Kingdom making it one of the most expensive automotive dash camera. However, despite being that expensive, this camera is worth each penny given its outstanding features which are not to be found in any other camera.

Apart from all above mentioned astounding features of this product, its built-in GPS system with GLONASS enables its user to accurately track the vehicle’s location and speed. In addition, it comes with a parking mode which becomes active depending on the motion of the car. Moreover, this camera also has a second camera option which further adds to the ease of its users.

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One limitation of this camera is that it is known to the only record on one resolution which is full high definition. There is no option to record on any lower resolution which can be a problem if its user is running out of space and needs to tone down to the resolution of recording in order to save space. Apart from this, another issue is that this camera does not come with a suction cup used for mounting the camera. This limits the ability of the user to mount this camera securely on the screen. Otherwise, a user will have to purchase it on his/her own which further adds a financial liability towards the users.

Most of the comprehensive technological features that this camera offers to its customers make Thinkware X550 an overall a well-rounded dash camera which is perfect for your car even if it is only at the full High Definition mode. Hence, a highly recommended product.
  • GPS system with GLONASS
  • Parking mode
  • Second camera option
  • Can record only on high defination
  • No suction cup is included in accessories

13) Black Box G1W – 140° Wide Angle 4x Zoom Motion Detection

Black Box G1W dash cam has a combination of high end technologies like the 3 M CMOS sensor, NT95560 Chipset and AR0330 lens by Aptina. Black Box G1W has a big 2.7” screen on which you can easily view the videos without even leaving your car. Black Box G1W dash cam has a built-in AAC mic that records high quality audio. Black Box G1W is designed to look like a normal rear view mirror camera and because of that it is a popular choice to have it installed behind the rear view mirrors to avoid visibility issues for the driver. The mounting mechanism consists of a swivel ball suction cup which makes installment very easy and quick.

Black Box G1W – Best Budget Dash Cam on The Market

The Black Box G1W doesn’t only look over you when you are driving but also provides security when your vehicle is parked. Black Box G1W dash cam is capable of detecting any movements around your car, turn on the camera and sneakily obtain a recording. This is a useful defense against thieves. This feature works day and night thanks to Black box G1W’s infra red night vision. Black Box G1W will get a clear video even in extremely low lighting. Black Box G1W has the recording capacity of 6.1 hours with its 32GB Micro SD memory card. This time is enough for even moderately long journeys. However, un-officially the cam can even support memory capacity more than officially recommended.

Black Box G1W Performance Features

  • Built in Multi-language support
  • Innovative swivel ball suction mount
  • G-Sensor locks data to memory
  • Uninterrupted continuous recording
  • Automatically overwrites oldest footage
  • Wide Dynamic (WDR) Technology
  • HDMI cable support
  • In-car charging cable
  • LED Night Vision
What separates the Black Box G1W from other cameras is its intelligent G-Sensor technology. The G-sensor senses sudden changes in gravity which occurs during accidents. For example, if your car goes from very high speed to sudden deceleration or a high speed turn, the G-Sensor will activate itself and lock the footage currently being recorded in the memory. This neat feature of Black Box G1W dash cam can be a huge lifesaver as it will ensure that the critical footage doesn’t get overwritten because of the loop recording.
  • Best budget dash cam
  • High Definition Video
  • Operations are user-friendly
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Capable of automatic motion detection
  • Cheap plastic body
  • Night time picture quality issues

14) The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid – Front & Rear Recording in FHD + HD Resolution

The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dashcam is truly the ultimate car front and rear view system. The physical outlook of the Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid 2021 camera is very sleek and fancy. It has a minimal design which is not at all confusing. The color scheme of yellow and black paired with the simple straight lines make it look elegant and modern.

Capable of Capturing Crystal Clear Video

The Blackcam-BCH-1000’s Panasonic sensor allows it to shoot 50 frames per second in High Definition. Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid cam supports very fast Auto Focus and Auto Exposure which ensure that the object being recorded will not be blurry. The system Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid car camera of is engineered to work perfectly even in low light situations.  The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid has got the 50 frames per second Panasonic Sensor. It consumes very little power and has an auto file recovery system. Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dashcams has intelligent and efficient features like turning off the rear camera when the car is parked.

Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid Performance Features

  • Front and Rear Full HD capability
  • Display Resolution: 1920X1080
  • Panasonic CMOS sensor with GPS
  • Workable at 120 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Automatically removes fog from the video
  • Touch Screen 3.5″ LCD
  • Dual WDR enables it to draw images even in low light
  • Loaded with Lane Departure Warning System
The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid is a fine product. The prime attraction is its rear cam that ensures a remarkable security of your vehicle combined with the front cam. Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dual dash cam notes all unfortunate happenings. The outstanding High Definition video quality and the continuous recording save you from the accesses of crazy drivers and help you save the footages. Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid car camera is also capable to note sudden bumps and categorize them under different heads. In the price range of ordinary dash cams, this excellent product provides you the opportunity of recording the two views; both the front and the back!!
  • Easy to operate
  • Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid is capable of outstanding video results with best resolution
  • With dual car cams, Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dashcam gives you both front and rear video recording
  • Remarkable recording capacity
  • The cams are also capable of recording sound inside the vehicle
  • Touch screen LCD with replay option at the spot
  • Warranty available
  • No way to increase recorded length time
Proper installation may take hours

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