Best Budget Dash Cams List 2021 [Updated]

One of your partners when you drive is a best value dash cam 2021. It is the partner that assists you in recording whatever you go through. From beautiful sceneries to views of accidents, best affordable dash cam 2021 captures all very beautifully. It is your true friend because it truly favors you in your insurance claims. You must have a best dash cam 2021 in your car because you need it to provide evidence of your innocence. Just like that you can also drive freely while recording beautiful videos which you will later on post to YouTube and other social media networks. There are best budget dash cams which are also best low cost dash cams. We have compiled a selection of best cheap dash cams that you will love to have. Check these in the below paragraphs.

Best Dash Cams 2017


This is black colored box which is sleek and discreet. Nova tek nt96650 g1w offers superior quality video capturing. It features increased new ultra-wide 160 degree WD angle with 4x zooming lens and camera which is 5 megapixels. G1w c dash cam is constructed with patina Ar330-lens and Nt96650 chipset for providing less power consumption, smooth processing of images and high definition compression of videos. As per g1w c review setup is very easy and same is its use. This is auto-start system with play back on-spot system. LCD screen is wide 2.7 inches and gives full HD recording of 1080p at smooth rate of 30fps & 720 fps. G1w-c dashboard camera is capable of night vision with automatic detector for motion. Recording is G-sensor enabled that work when a sudden brake, impact or sharp, rapid acceleration occurs. Suction mount is balled innovative swivel which allows attachment of device to all kinds of flat surfaces. You will always need external power for operating. Nova tek g1w 1080p comes with

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Data lockage to memory with its G sensor that is built-in
  • Continuous recording without any break
  • Loop recording
  • Automatic replacement of old footages with new ones

When you purchase this, it comes with dash cam, charging cable, suction mount, user manual, USB cable and HDMI cable.  Nova tek nt96650 g1w reviews from users are positive who also recommend its purchase.


Well, Mobius camera reviews indicate that this is a very sophisticated small camera in category of mini cams. Its size is 2x1x1 inches with a little weight of just one pound. You can easily fit this dash-cam in pocket. Just press the record button and this will start capturing stunning videos with HD quality. Its video quality is superb and competes any other cam which is 5 times greater in size to this car-cam as per action cam reviews. As revealed by Mobius action cam review it gives gorgeous recordings at sped of 30 fps with H.264 video quality with full HD results. It its wide-angle recording it gives its highest videos quality at bit-rate of about 18,000 kilo bytes per second. Another option is of 60 fps at 720p which is suitable for extra fast actions recordings. It is indeed an action cam drone. There is WDR recording as well for low & light scenarios. There is a mode for time lapse at which camera automatically takes still images of time lapsed. Battery life is really impressive and it allows this dash cam to record about 80 minute with one time complete charging. You can add power bank for increasing its battery life. Action camera 1080p can record live videos while it is being charged. There are 3 settings for volume adjustment at 512kpbs PCM. Audio quality is also a notable thing. It gives effective results. When you plug adaptor for car power it starts or stops as per driving and you are not required to press the record button each time. Mobius lens is powerful. As per Mobius action camera review of users it has wide viewing angle with great video quality. It allows reading of license plates upon roads easily. It comes with mounts & accessories which include attachment sleeve, USB cable and Velcro mount. There are optional accessories including water proof case, helmet mount, car adaptor, mini tripod, car mount, handlebar mount etc. You can use Mobius camera manual for guideline.


Last one in our best budget dash cam list is Garmin dash cam 20. Garmin dash cam standalone driving recorder is an easy to operate and reliable recorder for HD videos that comes with GPS. LCD screen is 2.3 inches wide with quality results. Dash cam 20 Garmin has snapshot feature that allows users to take still-images and it can also be removed from the vehicle for capturing collision damages. Vehicle sound is also recorded in videos with its integrated microphone.  There is a sensor for incident detection that automatically saves footages of the incidents and collisions. Dash cam mac compatible recordings are always high definition. Both video and audio are recorded in this cam. GPS provides details for location data and time data to point out location and time of event. This camera can be mounted upon windshield for recording drives in WVGA or 720p & 1080p. For continuous recordings in a loop, easy to use dash cam uses microSD which has memory of 4 GB. For addition to its memory you can add larger SD card which can be extended to 32GB. You can play back these footages anytime on your LCD display or later-on on the computer. Garmin dash cam 20 reviews indicate that there is a lens for wide angle to capture entire road. There is an integrated microphone that gives options for recording audio voice inside vehicle. Garmin video recorder is an eye witnesses that will never blinks. Don’t worry regarding stopping 7 stopping. When you plug-in this dash cam to powered source, it even records at that time. Footages of Garmin dash cams are stamped with location and time so that users know location and time of happening of events. A record showing longitude, latitude, direction, speed, date and time of travel is also shown on screen. This is not the end, there is more to come. There is an automatic G-sensor detection system with adjustable sensitivity settings. In case of a collision or hard braking, it detects it. This camera has built-in system to know when to save recording while preserving complete record of events. Driving recorder review highly recommends it.