The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid

Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dashcam ensures the best quality of video with the WDR installed in the rear and front cameras. It prevents light from spreading at night and thus ensures a high quality recording. The rear cam helps analyze the situation and always proves an extra comfort during driving as well as for noting any mishap. The front of the Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid camera has a flickering light just above the lens. Its purpose is to keep accidents and damage at bay. You can even adjust the flicker by choosing from one of the options; slow flicker, fast flicker, fast rotation, slow rotation. Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid hardware has the added feature of being power efficient. Features like detecting low voltage and blocking power, recording timer for parking ensure that battery will not be wasted. All these impressive and high-end functioning the Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid will not cast strain on your battery. The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid software also has a ‘keep’ folder functionality. Any recordings you move the keep folder are safe from being overwritten and lost, unless you format the entire memory. You need not to try any other dash cam option, if your once go for Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dashcam. You can read the full Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid review here.