The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid

Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid dashcam has is equipped with so many impressive features that make it worth every penny. You vehicle is altogether safe if it is equipped with the Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid car camera.

Impressive Hardware Combined with Brilliant Software

Its touch screen has a very simple interface which will feel very familiar to any Smart Phone User. The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid AFR (Automatic File Recovery) System is the answer to the shortcoming of usual dash camera systems. While conventional systems tend to delete or lose important footage of an accident, the Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid’s AFR system activates itself upon event of an accident, and you can recover the footage recorded in the last second before the accident. The footage of this time is the most critical and contains most evidence, so you’ll be thanking AFR.

The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid provides another amazing feature; defogging the video. Most cold climates suffer from fog in the air frequently, especially early morning and evening. In such situations, no matter how good of a camera you have, the fog obscures the view. But if you have the Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid system it’s defog feature will ensure a crystal clear video in which you will be able to see all the details.

The Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid: Technical Specifications

  • 2 Channel FHD+HD High Resolution Recording
  • FHD ISP Chipset Applied Panasonic Image Sensor
  • WDR Backlight Adjustment
  • Built-in Microphone for recording sounds inside the vehicle
  • Excellent lens quality: (F) 5Glass Structure F2.0 / 4Glass F2.0
  • Equipped with GPS G-Sensor (Incident Detection)
  • Capable of reducing noise from recording
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Auto File Recovery Possible
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Defog Capability
  • 32GB Memory
  • PCM Battery Voltage Management
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Simple to fix and operate, facing no hassle of finding assistance
  • It can record incidents from the front as well as from back of the vehicle
  • Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid upgrades your vehicle with a variety of safety features
  • It boasts of features such as HD High Resolution, Dual WDR, GPS G-Sensor and CMOS sensor
  • Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid provides you the best quality smooth and uninterrupted navigation
  • In frost and foggy atmosphere, its working remains outstanding as the cam is equipped with defog capability
  • Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid comes with touch Screen 3.5″ LCD that allows you to replay the videos on the spot
  • Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid best dash cam is capable of impart to you clear and sharper images even under low light
  • Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid front and rear dash cam can also enhance blurry and noise images
  • You get an unbroken and continuous video, if your vehicle is equipped with Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid car dash cam
  • Recording length time is fixed and it can’t be expanded
  • Installing the cam is not easy
  • Computer connectivity issues
  • No way to update firmware
  • Does not have an internal battery
Final word

Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid best dash cam will prove the best option for any vehicle where the owner wants perfect safety and security of the vehicle. Unlike many dashcams, Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid front and rear dash cam records every view around the vehicle; keep the vehicle safe from car theft and robbery or any such unfortunate incident. It is also equipped the best technology options and has the best capability of recoding the images and display them with HD resolution. The best choice for any vehicle!