Garmin 45 Dash Cam Review

garmin 45 reviewDash cams are a very recent invention; thanks to the rapidly developing and progressing technology. Technology does not take a lot of time to spread like wildfire and get everyone interested in its latest creations. Best Garmin Dash cams are similar products that literally have everyone hooked these days. According to garmin 45 dash cam review, they are smart, attractive and handy – a perfect combination. Garmin is a well-known name in the world of dash cameras and the Garmin 45 dash cam is the most recent addition to its family. At a very affordable price range, this product is designed to satisfy the customers with performance and output.

Highlight features of the Garmin 45 dash cam

At a good cost, the Garmin 45 comes with several highlight features that surely makes it a good enough choice for users that are looking for a combination product.

  • Video & image output

The video and image output for this device is very effective and high-end. The video resolution is around 1080 pixels which are the best HD quality you can get your hands on. The images offer a 1920×1080 pixel quality.

  • Battery

The battery for this device is rechargeable and replicable. Hence, the battery should not be an issue with this best dash cam. Moreover, the battery is very superior in its quality. This eliminates the need to frequently replace or substitute your battery.

  • Wi-Fi

This device comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi as well as GPS support. This is attributed to an updated technology boosted internal system that makes it work like a pro.

  • The functions of this device are very basic and simple. There is no rocket science involved to understand its functionality.
  • The biggest benefit is that this camera works simultaneously to record videos as well as capture images with a one-push
  • For external added support, this device comes with removable memory microSD card support.
  • All files from the device transfer and sync to any connected device within 3 minutes. This is the ultra-fast speed that should be appreciated.
  • It works on a rechargeable battery that can also be removed and replaced if needed.
  • The wireless connection through works for multiple devices at the same time but a serious let down is the connection speed that is extremely poor.
  • The height of this dash cam is fixed and is not flexible enough to be re-adjusted or re-mounted every now and then.
Final Verdict for Garmin 45 Dash Cam

If you are looking for a budget dash cam that will perform and deliver in terms of quality as well as performance – the Garmin 45 dash cam is a perfect choice to make. This device won’t cost you a penny over 200 USD which is actually very reasonable because you mostly won’t get this device in such a low price range. Moreover, you surely do not have to worry about quality, design, reliability, durability, and performance with this device as well. Hence, all in all, it is surely a good choice for budget users.