BlackVue DR750GW Dash Cam Review

BlackVue DR750GW-2CH ReviewAmong many dash cams on the market, one of the best dash cams brand is BlackVue. The Dr750lw HD 2ch is a great option for your car. If you want a state of the art dash cam with Touchscreen and some interesting features, make sure you purchase this one. Before you purchase read a few Blackvue dr750lw 2ch reviews online such as one given below. It is a detailed review which covers all aspects of a dash cam. This BlackVue DR750GW-2CH Review will help you make an easy buying decision.

Technical specifications

  • Dual channel dash camera
  • Resolution: Front camera 1080 pixel, rear camera 1080 pixel.
  • Wi-fi and optional external GPS enabled
  • 4-inch Touchscreen
  • Supports 64 GB micro SD card
  • Time and Date on video
  • Boot up time: 10-17 seconds
  • Recording format: MP4
  • 4 MP Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • Wide angle lens
  • Easy to use Windows-like menu on Touchscreen
  • Parking mode CCTV


Design and feature

The Blackvue dr750lw 2ch is an excellent dash cam with some extra features which were not present in the previous models. It is also a dual channel WiFi enabled dash cam which also comes with a Touchscreen for a better view. The touch screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. With the Touchscreen now you can view the video live without the need to connecting it with a Smartphone, etc. You will find that the installation is quite easy. You should read the Blackvue dr750lw manual to perform the installation easily. With the touch screen the ease of operation increases. There are many functions which you can control via this screen.

The unit has two plugs on the right side. One plug is to insert the power cable and the other for coaxial cable to connect the cameras. You will also find that the top of the unit there is a jack for external GPS. The GPS on Blackvue dr750lw is optional.

On the left side of the camera, you will find the SD card slot and a cover which is an excellent choice to keep out the dust. Like other models, the casing of this camera is also black. The front camera weighs 145g and has the size 107.2mm x 67.5mm x 20.5mm, and the back camera weighs 30g and has the size 7.4mm length x 27.6mm diameter.

You will also find on the same side three LEDs which indicate recording activity, GPS, and WiFi. You will also find a large silver button on the left side. It is the power button to turn on or off the camera.

There are many cool features of this camera. One of the best features which you will like the most is the PIP or the picture-in-picture function. It is a built-in function of the Touchscreen. With this, you can switch between the rear camera and the front camera feeds at any time.

The camera has loop recording feature and also motion detection which comes in handy when your car suddenly gets in motion. The camera will automatically start recording when this happens. You can also go with other best blackvue dash cams.

The software of this camera works great for PC, Android, MAC and iOS. The front camera records at a bit rate of 6 Mbps and the rear camera records at a rate of 4 Mbps.

An interesting feature of this camera is that it will automatically update the dr750lw 2ch firmware once you connect it to the WiFi. You need to have the iOS or the Android app installed on your Smartphone for that. Now you do not have to install a separate app on the PC to update the model which saves a lot of time.


The BlackVue is one of the finest dash cam manufacturers on the market. The company provides the state of the art dash cams which you can use without any difficulty. This dash cam is compact and is easy to use. It has an improved sensor and a great two channel cameras. With the Sony Exmor sensor, you can get a crystal clear video for both front and back camera. The sensors also provide a good quality in low light.

The best part is that this camera’s interface matches the Windows 8. You won’t find any difficulty in understanding it. The menu and icons are all self-explanatory. The menu is available in many languages.

The camera has a great inbuilt battery discharge prevention faction. It often happens that when you run the camera for a long time, it can discharge the battery of your car. To stop this from happening the unit monitors the battery level and turns off automatically when the voltage falls below the threshold value. You can set the threshold value from the menu.

This dash cam also comes with an overheat protection mechanism. The unit monitors the internal temperature, and it turns off when there is a danger of overheating.


There are many dash cams which operate on the battery of the car. There is no problem in that, but when you use it for a long time, the car’s battery might deplete. This unit has the same problem. It does not have any internet battery and is totally capacitor powered.

Final verdict of BlackVue DR750GW-2CH Review

The BlackVue dr750gw is an excellent choice for your car. it has all the features which you need for a dash cam. It works brilliantly in both low and bright lights, thanks, to the Sony Exmor sensors. It is easy to install and configure. The Touchscreen makes the operation very easy. Now you can switch between cameras can control many other functions using the software on the Touchscreen. The Blackvue dr750lw price is also quite less when you compare it with other brands on the market. You may be asking yourself a question, Blackvue dr750lw HD is worth buying? The answer is, yes. The warranty is also good. There are many value-added features such as PIP, CCTV, and support for 128 GB SD card. Together with the wide angle lens, it will record almost everything. So, make sure that you buy this camera, it is worth it.