Blackvue 470 Dash Cam Review

Blackvue 470 reviewThe Blackvuew 470 dash cam comes with a distinctive design and superlative features. With a dual lens, inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as active GPS system – this device, is definitely a top notch choice for users who are planning to buy in Dash devices recently. This device is the perfect addition to make to your car, home or any other vicinity. With a promising high-resolution output – this device is high quality and is definitely worthy to invest in once!

Highlight Features of Blackvue 470 Review

A promising design boosted with high-end functionality and superlative features – this Blackvue 470 dash cam comes with an array of high-end features. This product is definitely a worthy purchase for users who are looking for functionality, reliability as well as durability. Below we have written a detailed blackvue 470 review  to prominent features for this product that makes this dash camera a superlative choice for the users. An overview of this best dash cam features will provide an insight to the buyers to get a better idea for this product.

  • Modified design

The outlook of this device is an instant attraction for the users. It is designed to be modern in its look as well as sturdy and strong built.

  • Size & weight

Another highlight feature for this product is that it is very petite and compact in size. The weight for this dash cam is very little as well. All this makes it increasingly portable and convenient to use.

  • Inbuilt GPS

An inbuilt active GPS system facilitates the users for easy navigation.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

The Wi-Fi connectivity provides a stable network connection.

  • Being a very recent addition to the dash cam series by Blackvue, this camera comes with a very modern modified design.
  • It supports two lenses working instantaneously at the back and the front.
  • The camera lens supports a bendable angle of up to 30 degrees in all directions.
  • The video output for the front lens is up to 1080 megapixels which are
  • This light detection sensor promises supreme proximity and long-length visibility as well.
  • Whilst the front camera offers high quality 1080 pixel video recordings, the mera doeback cs work in the same way which means the quality drops drastically between both lenses output.
  • After a few weeks of regular use, users will notice an obvious lag in the system that makes the device slow down and jam. You can also check other best blackvue dash cams.
Final Verdict

The Blackvue 470 dash cam is a recent addition to the dash cam series. It comes in a very promising design as well as superlative performance. The video output for this camera is amazingly excellent (speaking particularly of the front camera). Moreover, this camera provides long-length coverage to the users for auto-detection. An improved design and enhanced functionality come with superlative inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS system. If you have been planning to get this dash cam for added vision support – we back your buying decision.