Black Box G1W Best Budget Dash Cam

A dash cam system is a must-buy for drivers who want to ensure safety of themselves, their families and their vehicle. Black Box G1W dash cam provides some excellent features which make it the ideal in-car camera system. Black Box G1W has a AR0330 lens with 140 degree coverage which is more than enough for all practical uses. It provides the facility of zooming in four times that is enough to enlarge the picture and see the contents in detail. This will be helpful if you are investigating an accident and want to zero in on some detail. Black Box G1W dash cam shoots a decent 30 frames each second and the quality is High Definition 1920 x 1080p.

Black Box G1W – Compact and the Best Budget Dash Cam

Black Box G1W dash cam will be the all-seeing eye that you can refer to in case of a crime or an accident. If anything goes wrong, you will know exactly what happened and who was at fault with the help of the recorded footage. Black Box G1W deploys H.264 video compression technology. The prime feature of the black box G1W is the loop recording which essentially means endless space on the SD card. As soon as the SD card nears the end of capacity the system loops back and deletes videos, starting with the oldest. Black Box G1W dash cam thus saves you from the hassle of doing it manually time and again. But do not worry; you can lock important videos to make sure that they never get overwritten.

Black Box G1W Technical Specifications

  • Novatek NT96650 Chipset + Aptina AR0330 Lens
  • 0 mega pixels in JPEG file format
  • 3M CMOS Sensor
  • 7” high resolution and 16:9 TFT LCD screen
  • Advanced H.264 video compression technology
  • 32G Micro SD Memory card supported
  • Built-in Microphone/Speaker (AAC)
  • 7V 250mAh Battery
  • It is the best budget dash cam that you can easily afford
  • Black Box G1W is quite easy to operate and setup
  • It starts the moment you start your car and turns off when you switch off the vehicle
  • It can provides you on-spot play back with a 2.7” HD wide screen LCD
  • Capable of 1080P HD recording at a Smooth 30 FPS and 720P
  • Black Box G1W is also capable of automatic motion detection
  • Encases the best blend of Novatek NT96650 Chipset + Aptina AR0330 Lens
  • Capable of High Definition Video Compression and Smooth Image Processing
  • Comes with 140 Degree Wide Angle 4x Zoom Lens
  • It has 5.0 Megapixel Camera that is effective to produce the best photo results
  • G-Sensor recording capability enables it for recording at any sudden braking, crash, rapid speeding up etc
  • For additional memory, you can use micro SD card in Black Box G1W
  • Complaints of cheap plastic body that has the possibility of getting damaged in warm climates
  • The picture quality is fine but viewing angle is reduced and it sometimes confuses the actual image
  • Night time cam performance is not so good
Final words for Black Box G1W Review

Black Box G1W has a number of outstanding features that make it a worthwhile choice for any car owner. It is compact in size and can easily be fixed in your vehicle. Black Box G1W is capable of providing 1080p video quality that delivers the best results. Moreover, its powerful lenses are capable of viewing a wider view as your eyes do. Above all, Black Box G1W is the best budget cam that does not cost you much but its advantages are numerous and far reaching.