BlackVue DR650GW Dash Cam Review

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH ReviewRecording videos while traveling or using the dash cams to keep the car safe is a necessity. You can use any camcorder for this purpose, but the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dash cam. This bBackvue dr650gw is an excellent high-quality camera. There are many reviews of best blackvue dash cams on the web. Make sure that you read BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Review to get a better insight of the dash cam.

Technical specifications

  • Dual channel dash camera
  • Resolution: Front camera FHD 1080 pixel, rear camera HD 720 pixel.
  • Wi-fi and GPS enabled
  • Time also on display on video
  • 128 GB micro SD card
  • Loop recording
  • 4 MP Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • Wide angle lens
  • 2 Channel video recording
  • Voice menu
  • Parking mode CCTV


Design and feature

It is a very stylish camera. It has an excellent sleek cylindrical design which is easy to use and handle. You won’t find it hard to install. With easy DIY installation, you can install and remove it easily. The complete kit includes easy to use mounting brackets, a cigarette lighter plug, cable and cable clips. Read the manual to install the camera using these box items. You will find that installation is easier than you imagine.

The design is also rotatable. With the help of 360 degrees rotation, you can easily record video at a different angle. With this feature, you can also customize view angles. The casing of this camera is black in color which looks brilliant. The lens has a silver ring around it which adds more attraction to the design. The front camera weighs 120g, and the back camera weighs 30g.

The best feature of this camera is the excellent bit rate. If you want to increase the bit rate of the front and back cameras you can easily do it with the help of the latest dr650gw firmware. After updating the firmware, the camera will record using 10 Mbps with the front and 5 Mbps with the rear camera. It will then give you the finest HD video quality. Together with the Sony EXMOR sensor, you will not record top-quality videos both at day and night. The front camera records 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps. The rear camera records 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 fps.

Another great feature of this dash cam is the built-in Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi has a range of 15 meters. Now you can view the live videos and stream them on the Smartphone screen using the WiFi. With this long range, it is excellent even for longer vehicles such as Limos. So, if you own a stretch vehicle, you will be glad to install this camera on it. It will help you out record videos and keep an eye on the car to keep it safe.


The BlackVue is a pioneer of the Wi-Fi on the dash cam. You will also find the Android app easy to use. You can use the software to control the cameras and quickly perform various tasks.

The camera also has software for MAC.  Now you can view the videos on both Windows and Mac OS. The software is easy to use and also quite easy to understand. You can use the software to edit videos too.

You can operate the camera easily with the help of the voice menu. This best dash cams has the ability to record with crystal clarity. The SONY sensor records the videos without any problem and also quickly recognizes the license plates.

Now you can also protect your car/vehicle with the parking mode CCTV. It is an excellent feature which you should know how to use. For that, you may need to take help from the dr650gw manual. The camera works as a CCTV camera when the car is off. Now you can run the parking mode from the camera’s interface and keep an eye on the car while you are away.

You will know if your car is secure when the LED is on. It indicates that the BlackVue protects your car. You can use the Smartphone app to disable the LED.

Many people find overheating of the unit. This camera does not overheat. It is far better than many other models of the same company. The cables on this camera are also of better quality. The coax cable is thinner yet better in quality. It will not overheat even in the sun.

The camera also offers easy to remove SD card features. The sound quality is also better with this camera. You won’t find any sound distortion in the videos. One feature which you will like most is the increased storage space. The BlackVue DR650 has 32 GB of storage. Now you do not have to worry about getting low on storage. It is also compatible with 128 GB SD Card.

A great feature on this dash cam is the buffered parking mode. It means that the camera will save the video five seconds before the impact and fifty-five seconds after the impact. It is a great way to view it later and see what happened during the event.


Although there is not any issue with the camera, the problem is to get the upgraded bit rate you will have first to update the firmware. Without updating the firmware, you won’t get a better bit rate.

Final verdict of BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Review

If you are looking for an affordable and a high-class dash cam, purchase the Blackvue dr650gw-2CH. The dr650gw price is quite affordable as compared to the features it offers. It is also lower as compared to other brands. So, if you are wondering Blackvue dr650gw is worth buying? Well, it sure is. The Blackvue warranty is quite extensive. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty of the device. It is an extremely suitable dash cam for all your vehicles and video recording needs. So, if you want a dash camera which will not only record videos but also works as a CCTV camera while you are away, then choose this one.