Nextbase 512G Dash Cam Review

Nextbase Dash Cam 512G ReviewThe drivers use the dash cam to record while traveling or driving so that if they are involved in an accident, they can get the evidence.  If you also want to record your travel, you will need a dash cam. It is a camera which sits on the dashboard or hangs on the window mirror and records the front and the rear view of the car. If you want to buy one, you should ensure durability and quality of the video it records. One of the best brands of dash cams is Nextbase. Nextbase Dash Cam 512g is a great camera for the purpose. Read this Nextbase Dash Cam 512G Review to get a better idea of the camera.

Technical Specifications

  • Six-element sharp lens
  • High-quality GPS
  • Anti-glare polarizing filter
  • 7-inch screen
  • Built-in G-Sensor to force record
  • FHD recording at 1080p
  • Wide Dynamic Range recording
  • Supports SDHC Micro SD cards up to 32 GB

Design and feature

The Nextbase 512gw is an excellent dash camera. It has a sleek and an easy to use design. The unit has a 2.7-inch screen. Unlike other models and brands, it is not a Touchscreen. You will find buttons around the screen. The buttons are big and easy to press. All the buttons have the label, so you won’t find it difficult to know which button does what. The unit also has the flaps; the HDMI port and the USB port are behind those flaps. The overall design is great.

The lens of this dash cam is great. You won’t find a better lens than this. Nextbase 512g has an anti-glare polarizing filter in the lens. It means even if you record with the sunlight directly coming from the front, it will provide a clear video. It is a very handy feature which most other brands do not offer. It comes in handy especially when there is a collision, or even during night time when there is light coming from other vehicles from the front.

The camera uses the G-Force sensor to automatically trigger the file protection mode in case of a collision. With this mode, the unit records the video and saves it from before the time of the collision and after the collision. This way you do not have to trigger the video recording when a collision occurs manually. The camera records constantly but does not save the video unless you give the instruction. But it will save automatically in case of a collision.

The 512g parking mode is also a great way to protect your car from theft. With this feature turned on, the camera will record if it detects motion outside the car. The Photo mode is also quite useful. With this mode, you can take photos instead of recording videos. You will first have to dismount the camera and then take photos for evidence.

If you want to skip the hassle of turning on the dash cam, then you should get the 512GW. It has an auto turn on a feature which turns on the unit when the driver starts the car. It saves time and extra effort of the driver.


The screen size of this camera is 2.7 inches. It gives a very clear view of all the information at the display. You won’t find it hard to read the speed, GPS information and other info on display.

The Nextbase in-car cam 512g ultra dash cam is a top-class camera which records a full 1080p video. The camera has a 1.6 aperture which ensures a wide angle to record the entire road.

This best dash cam also has a night vision system. Together with the Sony Exmor sensor, the Night Vision gives an excellent video quality at night time. It also has the WDR feature i.e. wide dynamic range feature which adjusts to the brightness levels. So, if you are in a situation where the light is constantly changing, it will still record without any difficulty.

The camera has a quick action GPS system. It has a 10 x built-in GPS system which will tell you the exact position of your car on the road. Thanks to the large screen, it gives a very clear view. This GPS system also tells the exact speed of the car. The unit takes help from the Google Maps to record coordinates and driver’s speed of the entire trip.

One great feature of the system of this camera is that it overwrites the oldest files in case of collisions when the file protection mode is active. It is why this unit is also a lot creative than many other models on the market. This camera is compatible with Windows and MAC too.

If you have a 32GB SD card, you can save 4.6 hours of footage.


The biggest disadvantage of this camera is the Wi-Fi; there is no WiFi! Most people like to record or watch live video on their smartphones. This camera does not offer that feature. You may want to upload or share the video on the social network, but without the Wi-Fi, it is not possible.

One of the biggest Nextbase 512g problems is the removal from the mount. Although it is easy to install, removing it, on the other hand, takes a lot of effort. So, if you were to leave the car in an unknown area, you will have to spend some time to remove the camera from the mount.

There is no SD card in the box. You will have to buy it separately.

Final verdict of Nextbase Dash Cam 512G Review

It has the best GPS system and has a six-element sharp lens. With the 140-degree view angle, you can record 1080p videos at 30fps. The night vision makes it a perfect choice for night time recording. The Nextbase 512g 1080p dash cam is a great choice for your vehicle. Together with the anti-glare polarizing feature now you can easily record the top quality videos. If you want a car dash camera with some excellent features and the best video quality you should buy this camera.