Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam Review

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW ReviewWhen it comes to getting a dash cam, you should always get the one which is easy to install and has good picture quality. There are a few brands of dash cams on the market which offer to record 1440p videos. One of those brands is Nextbase. The Nextbase 412GW is an excellent option for a dash cam. It is easy to use and has a great design. Here is one of the detailed review on best Nextbase dash cam which you will find on the web. It covers all aspects from the design to the built-in features. Read this Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW Review to have a better idea about this dash cam.

Technical Specifications

  • The Magnetic Click & Go Mount for easy installation
  • QUAD 1440p High Definition recording at 30 fps
  • 140-degree wide angle view
  • 60 fps recording at FULL 1080p HD
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi
  • Six-Element Sharp Lenses
  • GPS receiver and G-sensor
  • Battery powered
  • Ultra clear 3-inchLED display
  • SOS data protection
  • Supports SDHC Micro SD cards


Design and feature

The design of the Nextbase Dash Cam is quite brilliant it has a rectangular rounded design which looks great. When you see you will know it is compact. It is 10.9 x 5 x 1.8 cm. It also has 37mm lens. It has a 3 inch LED display which is enough to display all the options and menus for controlling and recording. The screen has touch buttons. It is also very easy to install using the magnetic click & go mount. It also has a window mount.

The overall design is great. The screen has all options highlighted for ease of use. It comes in black color which is great. The rear has a silver color also on which you will find the company the logo and the name of the model.

There is a very useful great feature which you may not find on many other dash cams is the SOS data protection. With this feature, the unit protects the recorded video in case of impact or an accident. It will save the video at the point of impact, which is a great option as it can tell what happened once you view it in the future.

The lens on this dash cam is great. It has the six-element sharp lens which has six layers of glass. It is with this lens that you get a top quality crystal clear video.

To use the camera without any hassle, you need to follow the 412gw instructions on the 412gw manual. As the camera has a Touchscreen menu, when you press the menu button it will bring up a range of options and menus. These options include settings for resolution, Audio Recording, Exposure, Video Length, Number Plate, Rotate Display, Parking Mode, Speed Stamp, Time & Date Stamp, G-Sensor settings, GPS Location Stamp, etc. You can easily turn on the Wifi with the device menu, or format the SD card with a single touch. You can set the time, date, language and also the speed units.


The camera on the Nextbase 412 dashcam is superior. It captures HD videos with a 140-degree view. It records 1440 pixel videos at 30 fps. With this video resolution, you won’t find any problem seeing the name plates and numbers on them. This best dash cam will record at 60 fps when recording a 1080 pixel video. It improves the quality and also ensures that you record while moving fast. You can also change the resolution of the video recording from the Touchscreen menu. It also has 720 p recording feature.

The unit has many options such as a Micro USB port. You can use this port to connect the unit to the PC. It also has a mini HDMI port and a Micro SD card slot. On the top side, you will also find a built-in microphone and the AV jack.

The GPS on this camera is great. The information about the GPS and the speed is accurate. It is why the Nextbase 412 dash cam is an excellent choice. When you are on the road, you need accuracy. With the state of the art GPS and G-Sensor, you have access to the accurate information.

The camera also has an improved night vision feature. It means you do not have to worry about the videos which you record in low light.

A great advantage of this dash cam is the built in battery. Unlike many other dash cams on the market, which utilizes the car’s battery for power; this one has a built-in battery. The battery gives 30 minutes of backup which is quite handy in case of an accident. This option is very useful in case of emergencies. You also get a 4 meter 12v power cable for charging in the car.


The G-Sensor is very sensitive. It is a good thing, but too much sensitivity will activate the video recording mode even when you slightly move the cam if it is in your pocket. You can always leave the camera in the car instead of taking it out of the car.

Another disadvantage is the storage option. With such a great resolution i.e. 1440 pixels, the unit should have more space. It only comes with 32 GB storage options. It limits the number of videos you can record.

Final verdict of Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW Review

If you are looking for a camera which has a plethora of options for a good price, then buy this one. It is an excellent dash cam with the 412gw best price. The current Nextbase 412gw price beats most of other dash cams on the market. Besides being affordable, it has all the options which you need for a dash cam. It has Wi-Fi, GPS, CCTV capabilities, Magnetic Click & Go Mount, QUAD 1440p High Definition recording at 30 fps, 140-degree wide angle view, SOS data protection, built-in battery and a lot more. It is why you should get your hands on this tech-savvy camera. You will find it quite easy and enjoyable to use.