Rexing v1 Dash Cam review – Best Rexing Dash Cam

Rexing v1 Dash Cam reviewThere are many brands of dash cams available on the market. Rexing is another excellent brand which manufactures some of the top quality dash cameras. The Rexing V1 dash cam is an excellent choice for your car. If you are looking for a cheap yet versatile Rexing dash cam, you should consider buying the V1. Here is a detailed Rexing v1 review which offers you a lot of necessary information. You will find it one of the Best Dash Cam 2019 review on the web.

Technical Specifications

  • Screen size: 4-inch screen
  • WDR Super night vision
  • Sensor: 5 MP sensor
  • View angle: 170 degrees view angle
  • Supports 32 GB SDHC cards
  • Ports: USB 2.0 available
  • Internal microphone and speaker
  • Lens type: 6-layer glass lens
  • Aperture size: 2.4

Design and feature

When you first look at it, you may not like the design, as it is not similar to the other brands which have a rectangular design. But, once you install it, you will know it was the right choice.  It has a wedge shape instead of a rectangular shape. It is a stealthy dash cam as compared to others. You will see it has a small adhesive bracket which allows it to stick directly to the windscreen. It makes installation quite easy.

On the right side of the camera, you will find the Mini-USB port, an optional GPS. The left side has the menu, reset and the power buttons. It also has the SD card slot on the left side. You will also find a knob on both sides of the camera to adjust the angle when you mount it using the Rexing v1 mount. On the back side you will find the 2.4-inch display along with the buttons for mode, record, start, stop, event/OK, microphone, etc. the design of this dash cam is quite brilliant. You can easily reach the buttons and settings. For the better use, you should take help from the Rexing v1 manual. It has all the Rexing v1 install and usage instructions.

An exciting feature of this camera is the memory lock gravity sensing. With this advanced gravity sensing mechanism, the camera locks the data stored on the SD card. It does not lock the current video but locks all the data on the SD card. It is a useful feature especially in the case of collision or accidents.

Another excellent feature you will like is the heat resistance. Unlike many other brands of dash cams, this one is heat resistant. Now if you have the AC on or off, the camera will work just fine.  It means even if your car breaks down in the sun somewhere in the middle of the road, the camera won’t stop recording.

The camera also has an auto on/off feature. The camera detects when you turn on your car, and it automatically starts recording the video. Like other brands of dash cams the Rexing v1 2.4 also has a parking mode.

An interesting feature is the time-lapse recording. With this recording, you can save time-lapses instead of the entire video. You can record a loop of 3, 5 or ten minutes.

  • The Rexing v1 rear camera records an excellent video. With the help of the six layer lens, the camera records the best and the finest quality videos. The camera lens also has a wide angle view to capture the entire road. Thanks to the 2.4 aperture now you can view whatever is ahead on the screen.Must see this list of best dash cam.
  • The camera supports both FHD i.e. 1080 pixel and 720-pixel resolutions. For maximum details, you should choose the 1080p video which records at 30 fps. It is a great choice to see the license plates. You will find that sometimes the camera also captures faces quite clearly. If you want to save the storage space, 720p is a better option. The WDR Super night vision ensures that you capture an excellent quality video even at night.
  • The biggest advantage is easy to set up. After mounting it, you can turn on the V1 by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. The camera will start recording as it starts. To turn off, you need to press the Rec button on the front. You can then enter the menu by pressing the toggle button.  At this point, you will have to read the Rexing Dash cam manual. The v1 user manual comes with easy to follow instructions and will allow you to set up and manage the camera.
  • The motion detector which works in the parking mode and during the collision is excellent. Rexing ensures that they provide the top quality motion detection technology in the camera which records immediately after sensing motion.
  • The screen of the camera is a TFT which ensures great view angles. The Rexing v1 dual gives a 170 degrees view angle. It is a great choice as you can view the video easily no matter where you are sitting in the car.
  • The only disadvantage is the support for only 32 GB SD card. A camera which records FHD videos should have at least 128 GB Support.

Final verdict of Rexing v1 Dash Cam Review

The Rexing v1 dash camera is a brilliant dash cam. If you want a camera that has a unique design and offers easy installation, you should get this one. It is full of brilliant and necessary features such as loop recording, parking mode, photo mode, FHD recording, etc. it is one of those cameras which records excellent quality night time videos with the help of WDR Super night vision. You may also update the Rexing v1 firmware using the software which will enhance the performance. The sensors on the camera are superior to many other brands on the market. A great thing about this camera is that it will not overheat or stop working in high temperatures. It is why Rexing dash camera is a perfect choice for your car. Make sure that you buy it once you know all about it. It is also an affordable camera.